Chaotic and Lots of Cats- Keeping it real with Kaylieghaub

A Feature with kayleighhaub By India Loseby 21st March 2023 As UK Indie brand, it was imperative here at Wishbone Cosmetics to look across the country for excellent creators and artists who would be interested in partnering with us.... read more »

Writing Vampires and working with Wishbone Cosmetics

A Feature with S.C Parris by India Loseby  16th February 2023 Image by S.C Parris When creating Wishbone Cosmetics, I wanted to partner with creators who inspire me as well as meet my company's... read more »

Important Updates: Payments and Shipping

Hello Dreamons! We have some important updates for you in regards to some changes in regards to payments and shipping. As we enter the new year and reflect on Wishbone Cosmetics, we've decided to implement some changes. We are proud of... read more »

Dream Demon Palette Journey: Part One- The Genesis

  The Dream Demon Palette is now available. Let me tell you of how I summoned this collection of glorious shades in a time of darkness- Hello Dream Demons, it's Indie. Owner and Director of Wishbone Cosmetics I'm going to... read more »

Dream Demon Palette Reveals: Krueger and Night Hag

Hello dream demons, We have two Dream Demon Palette shade reveals, KRUEGER and NIGHT HAG! Here's a little backstory about the names, the colours and how to apply them.  KRUEGER  This... read more »

Our Dream Demon Palette is finally taking form!

We're coming for you now... Due to the pandemic and additional setbacks, we had to put our launch on hold for a year. Now after a lot of hard work and learning which spell to use, we have summoned our Dream Demon palette and we... read more »