Dream Demon Palette Reveals: Krueger and Night Hag

Hello dream demons,

We have two Dream Demon Palette shade reveals, KRUEGER and NIGHT HAG! Here's a little backstory about the names, the colours and how to apply them. 

Left Krueger. Right Night Hag


This look will make you ready for Primetime, b*tch. 

Named after the King of Dream Demons (who we hear lives on Elm Street) Krueger is a glorious shade of red that will bring the fire to any look. Whether you want a pop of colour to spice up you everyday makeup or a summon your inner glamour demon when out on the town. As always, 100% vegan and cruelty free, the pigment of this shade is a stand out, as showcased by our founder on our Instagram.

"Red is such a statement colour for eyeshadow and it looks great on all skintones. With Krueger, you don't need to use much to make an impact. I love using it on its own with some eyeliner, but it also works amazingly as a contour.  Also you can't have a palette called Dream Demon and not reference the icon Freddie!"

A note from Indie, founder of Wishbone Cosmetics. 

Top Tip: Switch up your everyday look by using KRUEGER as a liner! Use a wetted, clean angled brush and start from the inner corner to the outer corner of the lid. 




A shade that will leave you stunned.

Now THIS is a favourite of founders. Night Hag is a glorious shimmering green, with gold and silver undertones. This earthy shade is the epitome of Wishbone Cosmetics's mission: combining horror and glamour. Named after the supernatural creature "Night Hag" who in folklore comes to peope during episodes of sleep paralysis; the choice to name a shade after stems from a story of fear to empowerment from our founder:

"I have struggled with sleep paralysis since I was very young, the feeling of being frozen, trapped and like you are being watched haunted my nights Like many others, I use my love of horror to reframe my fear to something empowering. So when the Night Hag comes for me, she can't hurt me cause I am my own Night Hag, I am the one you can't take your eyes off of. Plus the colour of this shade is etherial and badass at the same time."

A note from Indie, founder of Wishbone Cosmetics. 

TOP TIP:  To achieve our NIGHT HAG look, a little goes a long way! Apply with a fluffy brushon the bridge of the eye, then use a flat brush on the lid. Wet the brush to bring out the silver and gold undertones. 


Our shades for Dream Demon will be posted every Wednesday on our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok pages.