Chaotic and Lots of Cats- Keeping it real with Kaylieghaub

A Feature with kayleighhaub

By India Loseby

21st March 2023

As UK Indie brand, it was imperative here at Wishbone Cosmetics to look across the country for excellent creators and artists who would be interested in partnering with us. When meeting Kayleighhaub, we were blown away by her artistic talent,  her commitment to her community and her welcoming attitude. She is a kickasss horror streamer on Twitch who can cut down enemies and cut creases with impressive skill. She manages to accomplish this whilst still being a grounded and humble individual. It is an honour to have her in the Wishbone Family and we hope you love her as much as we do. 

How would you describe your work/content?

Chaotic, loud, kinda spoopy and lots of cats.

What is something that you’ve achieved that you're proud of?

Being able to make a monthly income on Twitch doing what I love and still being here and fighting in the world honestly.

What does makeup mean to you?

Everything. I was bullied a lot throughout my school years. Being bi, having genetic cystic acne, being overweight, being emo, liking the music I liked, liking nerdy things e.g comic books, obsession with LOTR.

When purchasing makeup, what do you look for in a product/brand?

Good quality, easy for all to use because even though I have a decent amount of experience with blending making looks etc. I believe everyone should be able to use items and if its not beginner friendly, what's the point?? I also look for companies that aren't owned by people who are quite frankly gross, I don't want to give my money to people like that.

What item of makeup can you not live without?

Eyeliner or cream blush or just blush in general.

What do you like most about Wishbone Cosmetics?

The fact its a indie UK brand that does interesting and spooky makeup, its a winner for me.

Favourite shade from our Dream Demon Palette?

Krueger, I'm a sucker for doing a red eyeshadow buffed out under my eye to make me look a lil spooky and cute, plus red eyeshadows that dont stain are SO HARD TO FIND so it's a must on that!

What is something the beauty industry needs to improve on?

Inclusivity and kindness also people need to learn makeup isn't done one set way, not everyone has to be glam all the time, let people be themselves.

Where can we find you/your work?

I stream most days on twitch as "kayleighlaub" I am predominently a Dead by daylight streamer but I also play other horror games like devour, sons of the forest etc.
You can also find kayleigh on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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Writing Vampires and working with Wishbone Cosmetics

A Feature with S.C Parris

by India Loseby 

16th February 2023

Image by S.C Parris

S.C Parris/Writingvampires

When creating Wishbone Cosmetics, I wanted to partner with creators who inspire me as well as meet my company's mantra of celebrating the Dark, Daring and the Diverse. So let me state that it was a true honour when vampire-fantasy author and badass horror Twitch streamer, S.C Parris,(known also as Writingvampires) became one of our Wishbone partners. She is the true queen of vampires and watching her journey has been such a thrill.  I am proud to have her as our featured partner of the month. 

How would you describe your work/content?

I would describe my work--both streaming and writing--as horror-focused, with fantasy and horror being a focal point of everything I do. With streaming, I enjoy focusing on games and conversation with my community that focuses on monsters. We talk about our favorite monsters, the monsters in the game we're playing…etc. But all in all we love a good story in our games.

Which brings me to my writing. I write vampire-based fantasy books with The Dark World series (2016-2022) being my latest published work. I am currently querying agents for my next work, The Tales of Sinner Sharpe, which is another vampire-based story with a more personal bent that a lot of people have told me they're excited to read.

What is something that you’ve achieved that you're proud of?

I recently finished the manuscript for my next writing project, The Tales of Sinner Sharpe, and I'm really proud of myself for finishing it (it was years in the making). I'm also proud of myself for taking steps to further my career (almost done with my Master's degree) and not being afraid to take chances on myself.

What does makeup mean to you?

Makeup is a cool way to enhance what's already there. I don't wear it often (I'm home 24/7. WFH, anyone?), but when I do, I feel more "put together." It motivates me to actually dress up in something other than sweats or a hoodie when I do leave the house. It's also fun to explore different moods with makeup for me.

When purchasing makeup, what do you look for in a product/brand?

I tend to look for black shades that are actually black (not dark gray or something). Something that actually shows up on my dark skin is key. I don't tend to wear bright colors (though I am working to get more comfortable with those) so a nice, deep, dark, shade of black for eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara is really important to me.

What item of makeup can you not live without?

My thick eyeliner pen.

What do you like most about Wishbone Cosmetics?

I like how driven the founder, Indie, is. I like that she makes sure to include shades in the Dream Demon palette that all skin shades can use without the color not showing up as vibrantly on some skin tones as it would lighter ones. That inclusivity is definitely forefront with the company and I can't wait to see what else is coming.

Favourite shade from our Dream Demon Palette?

I love a good black shadow (obviously) so my favorite shade is Chernobog, but Incubus and Nocnista Mare are close favorites.

What is something the beauty industry needs to improve on?

I think the beauty industry is actually heading in a more inclusive direction. Almost every other month we hear of a brand that is putting out foundation for a wide spectrum of skin tones and that's incredible. Of course, we can always have more, and I'm sure they're coming, but seeing the change thanks to marginalized beauty influencers and the like, is refreshing.

Where can we find you/your work?

You can find my work at my website as always. My blog is there as well, though as of right now I update most directly on my Twitter and my Substack Newsletter.


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Important Updates: Payments and Shipping

Hello Dreamons! We have some important updates for you in regards to some changes in regards to payments and shipping.

As we enter the new year and reflect on Wishbone Cosmetics, we've decided to implement some changes. We are proud of the quality of our products being vegan, excellent quality, accessible and environmentally conscious. As we grow as a company we are looking for ways for maintaining our excellence whilst sustaining ourselves as a company. 

  • We are now a VAT registered company, therefore there will be a 20% VAT charge on all orders. This will not be applied to shipping, as shipping will remain free in the UK and at a reduced rate to international countries.
  • After reflecting on our carbon footprint as well as the rising costs and service to UK mail,as of the 6th January 2023, shipping rates to the USA and Canada will be increasing by £2 (£11.99). This decision was made as we wish to maintain on our focus of excellent service by having our products shipped within 10 days. We want to make things easier by continuing to have tracked, fast and secure shipment on all our products. The new shipping charge is still at a reduced rate and does not reflect the full amount of costs it takes to ship to the USA and Canada, so although we appreciate this may be disappointing to some of our customers, we hope you understand why this decision has been made.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us at Thank you for supporting Wishbone Cosmetics, stay tuned for 2023 as we have exciting news coming this year! 

Wishbone Makeup Challenge: The winner is...


For our previous Wishbone Makeup Challenge, the category was monster ball! We asked for a look based on a type of monster which could be glamourous or an SFX creature of nightmares.

We had some incredible entries and it was a tough decision. But we decided to select TheArtfulGabby's fantastic interpretation of the Frankenstein Monster. 

Gabby is an incredible makeup artist, streamer and activist for animal welfare & conservation. She is also an official Wishbone Partner, we couldn't be happier to be working with someone with so much talent and dedication to their values. Click on the image below to support them on all platforms and check out her portfolio of work!

Want to be featured on our website and win a goodie bag? Our next Wishbone Makeup Challenge will be announced on our Twitter page Wednesday 16th November 2022.

Dream Demon Palette Journey: Part One- The Genesis


The Dream Demon Palette is now available. Let me tell you of how I summoned this collection of glorious shades in a time of darkness-

Hello Dream Demons, it's Indie. Owner and Director of Wishbone Cosmetics

I'm going to tell you the story of how I started my company and how I created my first product, the Dream Demon Palette ® . This journey was tumultuous, beautiful, stressful, wonderful and at points very dull. Which is the case with many a upstart business.

I will give a trigger warning as I'm going to be lightly referring to my ongoing battle with depression. But I think it's important that everyone understands the peaks and valleys that comes with manifesting a dream whilst trying to get through the chaos of day to day life. 

I'm doing this is three parts because there is a LOT to cover and this story is not neat and tidy, it's rather all of the place and makes no narrative sense (such is life). But I will do my best!

So here we go...

It was Early 2020. The pandemic was looming. All seemed lost and dark. My theatre career and my dreams were brought to a standstill. I felt so alone. Everything I had planned to do seemed ruined. I decided I needed to find something creative to do, otherwise I would continue living in a dark cloud of failure.

I started to create gaming content online, firstly through YouTube then on Twitch. Through that I met some incredible people and made friends that I consider family to this day. I started with creating Sims videos and strea,s, but honestly I felt I wasn't "cool" enough to be in the Sims content creation club. So I said "sul sul" to Sims and I moved into streaming scary games. Which is where I started to find breadcrumbs of what would eventually bake into my passion for horror. 

A battle of passion and pain. 

I found solace in playing games such as The Evil Within and Alice Madness Returns. Theatrical horror is how I would best describe them. I genuinely believe games like this inspired me creatively and themes which would one day tie into my company. Not only did I discover amazing horror games to play (to which there were MANY) I found my community. I worked with incredible people, like my now best friend Reeva who I had met in my Sims days. We made communities called The Haunted House and Moody Chronicles. It was a way to bring horror creatives of all backgrounds together.

There was a lot of trial and error, but it was worth it. We met amazing creators, learnt new skills and honestly, watching Reeva was like watching a masterclass in Marketing. Ideas were forming in my head which I wasn't fully aware of. They taught me so much and little did I know they would be a crucial cog in the creation of Wishbone Cosmetics. Together we created charity events called "scream-a-thons" . We raised money for organisations such as  the NAACP and Guardians Mental Health. I loved working with them and I knew we were destined to work together on something special.

But as time went on, my own demons got the best of me. I ended up working two jobs on top of streaming, one as a carer, the other in a bank. Both jobs taught me about time management, how to handle finances and a lot about administration. So I appreciate the skills I learnt, but I would be lying if I said it didn't take a toll on my mental health. I struggled throughout the pandemic with insomnia, alcohol and and yes, depression. I fell down the rabbit hole hard and ghosts haunted me into a very dark place. It really forced me to look at where I was going with my life. 

Streaming and content creation was fun but wasn't my true passion. But I knew I was onto something. I had the ingredients. I loved the sense of community, I loved horror and soon I discovered something beautiful. My love of makeup.




I fell in love with creating looks. 

Now I've always enjoyed makeup. My Facebook and early Instagram photos from the early 2010's (which will never see the light of day again) can attest to that. Makeup was a skill I honed over decade, which was something I was proud of. I can't paint a picture, but I can paint my face! So I decided (I cannot recall the first time) to start creating makeup looks on Twitch. And this changed everything for me. I found I would rather stream myself doing makeup than actually playing games. Makeup had gone from a skill in my back pocket to a passion in my palette...yes that was a pun and I will probably do another one. #sorrynotsorry. 

I started to research more into cosmetics, looking up brands, looking into vegan and cruelty free companies, learning techniques, the manufacturing process and so much more. I must state, I am not a professional MUA, but I am bloody passionate about makeup and I worked bloody hard for two years to not only learn how to apply makeup better but the process of manufacturing and the beauty industry. My skills are self taught and are thanks to the amazing creators whom I learned from on Youtube. 

As 2020 came to a close, I was still unsure of what to do. The pandemic was still prevalent and the world of theatre was still closed for business. As the final days of December 2020 past, I looked at my last year and considered what I had learned.

  1. I love horror games
  2. I love all things makeup
  3. I needed to create.

Then something wild happened. 

I decided to create a cosmetics company. 

I had spoken causally about the idea of a creating a cosmetic company with friends, specifically creating an eyeshadow palette. I sketched little ideas, which turned to mock-ups which turned into genuine concepts. I designed a logo in my artbook which my INCREDIBLE mother (who's a badass artist) made into a real logo.

Original Promo for Wishbone Cosmetics. Created by Jess Loseby.

I had a feeling in my heart that this was something that could become a reality. So many dreams of mine stay as nothing but scribbles on paper and pictures in my head.

So rather than run before I could walk, I chose to fly. I registered Wishbone Cosmetics in January 2021. Once the government knew about me, there was NO going back. Thus the company was born and the Dream Demon Palette was a drawing in a sketchbook that I was ready to summon.

This was Wishbone Cosmetics' Genesis, but my personal Exodus had only just begun.

Part Two to the Journey of Wishbone Cosmetics will be out Friday October 7th, in which I'll go into more detail about the specific creation of the Dream Demon Palette ®, the specifics of starting the business and the events along the way. 

Till next time Dream Demons,


Indie Wishbone x

Dream Demon Palette Reveals: Krueger and Night Hag

Hello dream demons,

We have two Dream Demon Palette shade reveals, KRUEGER and NIGHT HAG! Here's a little backstory about the names, the colours and how to apply them. 

Left Krueger. Right Night Hag


This look will make you ready for Primetime, b*tch. 

Named after the King of Dream Demons (who we hear lives on Elm Street) Krueger is a glorious shade of red that will bring the fire to any look. Whether you want a pop of colour to spice up you everyday makeup or a summon your inner glamour demon when out on the town. As always, 100% vegan and cruelty free, the pigment of this shade is a stand out, as showcased by our founder on our Instagram.

"Red is such a statement colour for eyeshadow and it looks great on all skintones. With Krueger, you don't need to use much to make an impact. I love using it on its own with some eyeliner, but it also works amazingly as a contour.  Also you can't have a palette called Dream Demon and not reference the icon Freddie!"

A note from Indie, founder of Wishbone Cosmetics. 

Top Tip: Switch up your everyday look by using KRUEGER as a liner! Use a wetted, clean angled brush and start from the inner corner to the outer corner of the lid. 




A shade that will leave you stunned.

Now THIS is a favourite of founders. Night Hag is a glorious shimmering green, with gold and silver undertones. This earthy shade is the epitome of Wishbone Cosmetics's mission: combining horror and glamour. Named after the supernatural creature "Night Hag" who in folklore comes to peope during episodes of sleep paralysis; the choice to name a shade after stems from a story of fear to empowerment from our founder:

"I have struggled with sleep paralysis since I was very young, the feeling of being frozen, trapped and like you are being watched haunted my nights Like many others, I use my love of horror to reframe my fear to something empowering. So when the Night Hag comes for me, she can't hurt me cause I am my own Night Hag, I am the one you can't take your eyes off of. Plus the colour of this shade is etherial and badass at the same time."

A note from Indie, founder of Wishbone Cosmetics. 

TOP TIP:  To achieve our NIGHT HAG look, a little goes a long way! Apply with a fluffy brushon the bridge of the eye, then use a flat brush on the lid. Wet the brush to bring out the silver and gold undertones. 


Our shades for Dream Demon will be posted every Wednesday on our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok pages.


Our Dream Demon Palette is finally taking form!

We're coming for you now...

Due to the pandemic and additional setbacks, we had to put our launch on hold for a year. Now after a lot of hard work and learning which spell to use, we have summoned our Dream Demon palette and we are moving onto manufacturing with a launch date set for October 2022. More details will be coming in the next couple of months so please check our website and social media for the latest updates. 

We would like to thank our supporters, donators and everyone who has supported us over this last difficult year, we could have not done it without you.

Keep you eyes peeled over the coming month....your inner dream demon will be coming soon

Dream Demon Eyeshadow Palette