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The eyeshadow palette which summons your inner demon. Vegan, pigmented, stunning.
For all genders and skin tones

Understanding Wishbone Cosmetics

We are an e-commerce cosmetics company who create vegan make up products inspired by dark glamour, horror and story telling.
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Dark. Daring. Diverse.

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Wishbone Cosmetics is a UK Based, LGBTQIA2+ Owned, Vegan cosmetics company that is inspired by Horror, Folklore and Dark Glamour.

Meet the team


Whether it is from movies, gaming and folklore, we draw inspiration from the darkest of stories. Our mission is to create products that dare you to be different, embracing your dark side. 

For all skin tones. For all genders.

Here as Wishbone Cosmetics, we vow to to create products which can be worn by all walks of life. The Beauty Industry is well overdue in its part to deliver products which can be enjoyed by all skin tones, hence we dedicate ourselves to selecting pigmented shades whilst still being cruelty free and vegan. Furthermore, we believe makeup has no gender and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy makeup. 

Our values and promises can be seen here.

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Dream Demon Eyeshadow Palette

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