Writing Vampires and working with Wishbone Cosmetics

A Feature with S.C Parris

by India Loseby 

16th February 2023

Image by S.C Parris

S.C Parris/Writingvampires

When creating Wishbone Cosmetics, I wanted to partner with creators who inspire me as well as meet my company's mantra of celebrating the Dark, Daring and the Diverse. So let me state that it was a true honour when vampire-fantasy author and badass horror Twitch streamer, S.C Parris,(known also as Writingvampires) became one of our Wishbone partners. She is the true queen of vampires and watching her journey has been such a thrill.  I am proud to have her as our featured partner of the month. 

How would you describe your work/content?

I would describe my work--both streaming and writing--as horror-focused, with fantasy and horror being a focal point of everything I do. With streaming, I enjoy focusing on games and conversation with my community that focuses on monsters. We talk about our favorite monsters, the monsters in the game we're playing…etc. But all in all we love a good story in our games.

Which brings me to my writing. I write vampire-based fantasy books with The Dark World series (2016-2022) being my latest published work. I am currently querying agents for my next work, The Tales of Sinner Sharpe, which is another vampire-based story with a more personal bent that a lot of people have told me they're excited to read.

What is something that you’ve achieved that you're proud of?

I recently finished the manuscript for my next writing project, The Tales of Sinner Sharpe, and I'm really proud of myself for finishing it (it was years in the making). I'm also proud of myself for taking steps to further my career (almost done with my Master's degree) and not being afraid to take chances on myself.

What does makeup mean to you?

Makeup is a cool way to enhance what's already there. I don't wear it often (I'm home 24/7. WFH, anyone?), but when I do, I feel more "put together." It motivates me to actually dress up in something other than sweats or a hoodie when I do leave the house. It's also fun to explore different moods with makeup for me.

When purchasing makeup, what do you look for in a product/brand?

I tend to look for black shades that are actually black (not dark gray or something). Something that actually shows up on my dark skin is key. I don't tend to wear bright colors (though I am working to get more comfortable with those) so a nice, deep, dark, shade of black for eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara is really important to me.

What item of makeup can you not live without?

My thick eyeliner pen.

What do you like most about Wishbone Cosmetics?

I like how driven the founder, Indie, is. I like that she makes sure to include shades in the Dream Demon palette that all skin shades can use without the color not showing up as vibrantly on some skin tones as it would lighter ones. That inclusivity is definitely forefront with the company and I can't wait to see what else is coming.

Favourite shade from our Dream Demon Palette?

I love a good black shadow (obviously) so my favorite shade is Chernobog, but Incubus and Nocnista Mare are close favorites.

What is something the beauty industry needs to improve on?

I think the beauty industry is actually heading in a more inclusive direction. Almost every other month we hear of a brand that is putting out foundation for a wide spectrum of skin tones and that's incredible. Of course, we can always have more, and I'm sure they're coming, but seeing the change thanks to marginalized beauty influencers and the like, is refreshing.

Where can we find you/your work?

You can find my work at my website as always. My blog is there as well, though as of right now I update most directly on my Twitter and my Substack Newsletter.


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