Wishbone Makeup Challenge: The winner is...


For our previous Wishbone Makeup Challenge, the category was monster ball! We asked for a look based on a type of monster which could be glamourous or an SFX creature of nightmares.

We had some incredible entries and it was a tough decision. But we decided to select TheArtfulGabby's fantastic interpretation of the Frankenstein Monster. 

Gabby is an incredible makeup artist, streamer and activist for animal welfare & conservation. She is also an official Wishbone Partner, we couldn't be happier to be working with someone with so much talent and dedication to their values. Click on the image below to support them on all platforms and check out her portfolio of work!

Want to be featured on our website and win a goodie bag? Our next Wishbone Makeup Challenge will be announced on our Twitter page Wednesday 16th November 2022.